Cloud V Cloud Portable Vaporizer

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Cloud V Cloud Portable Vaporizer
Cloud V Cloud Portable Vaporizer Pen-Style Herbal Vaporizer Rapid heating - less than 15 seconds One button operation Contents: 1 x Lithium Ion Battery 1 x Atomizer 1 x Mouthpiece 1 x Wired USB Charger 1 x Wall Adapter 1 x Instruction Manual About: The Cloud Vaporizer is a pen-style herbal vaporizer created for use with liquid and concentrated essential oils. It comes fully equipped in a package set with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, atomizer, mouthpiece, wired USB charger, wall adapter, and instructions manual. It arrives almost fully charged. It is recommended to charge fully (an additional 30-40 minutes) before use to optimize the battery life. The battery life lasts 1-2 days depending on frequency of use. The tiny, pocket sized Cloud Vaporizer is made easy to load and go. Once the atomizer is packed, attach to battery, attach the mouthpiece, and be ready to vaporize. This vaporizer consists of a one button operational system. The button is illuminated with a blue LED light for different indications. It features a lock/unlock mechanism. Simply click the button 3 times to lock/unlock the pen vaporizer. This is a great feature which ensures the vaporizer will not go off and waste your product in your pocket. The LED light indicator illuminates for 5 seconds then blinks 3 times when the battery is in need of a charge. It also blinks to indicate the auto shut off feature. This vaporizer is very simple to clean and the atomizers have a life expectancy of 2-3 months. New atomizers are sold separately and extremely reasonable so you can always have the best vapor quality possible. The battery is covered under a lifetime manufacturer warranty.