Dr Dabber Aurora AHOL Edition (vn)

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Dr Dabber collaborated with street artist AHOL to put a hypnotic spin on their legendary Aurora vape pen. Featuring the dazzling patterns for which the namesake artist is known, the Aurora AHOL looks dope and performs like a beast. It comes with two premium atomizers--a ceramic halo and dual quartz rod. Both have quartz dishes to extract more flavor and keep things smooth. The vapor is intensely flavorful and comfortable just like the original Aurora, but the AHOL has a style all its own. 

Include is an AHOL-designed stash set that comes in a faux-spray can storage container. You get a premium tool, concentrate mat, lapel pin and keychain. This is cool if you're into the artist or just art itself, but it's also pretty functional, providing you with everything you need in one place. 

The Aurora AHOL features variable voltage so you can toggle to a few different temperatures depending on what you like. The AHOL works best on low temperatures, extracting sharp and complex flavor notes from your concentrates. This is one of the best vaporizer pens that's the product of an artist/manufacturer collaboration. 


  • Artwork by AHOL
  • Spray Can Stash Set
  • Ceramic Halo Atomizer
  • Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • Exclusive Accessories