Loki Touch Vaporizer

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Front view of Loki
DESCRIPTION Boasting a touchscreen temperature control, the Loki Touch Vaporizer is the latest innovation to hit the vape scene. The digital LED interface makes it possible to set your favorite temperature with only a swipe of your finger. Change the temp one degree at a time! This precision control is key for producing the most consistent and flavorful vapor. The Loki is very efficient and provides complete vaporization. No herb is wasted.
TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL No other portable vaporizer can be controlled with the touch of a finger. The revolutionary Loki Touch features an extensive digital display that gives you enables you to easy mange the temperature. You can swipe the individual number to swiftly change the desired temp by large degree ranges. Jump 100 degrees with a quick swipe. Achieve on demand temperature control with the Loki Touch vaporizer.
RAPID HEAT Capable of reaching optimal vaporizing temperature in 30 seconds, the Loki Touch does not leave you waiting around. The ceramic herbal chamber effectively retains heat to ensure thorough vaporization throughout the entire session. Plus this inert material means you only taste the flavor of your herb, nothing else. For safety purposes, as well as waste prevention, the vaporizer will shutoff automatically after 5 minutes of nonuse. With such a rapid heat up time, you can quickly get back to vaporizing temp.
EASY PASS THROUGH CLEANING Maintenance made simple. That is what you get with the Loki Touch vaporizer, simplicity. The straight air path between the mouthpiece and heating chamber allows for direct cleaning. Insert the cleaning tool for quick maintenance. This ensures you get the best flavor each time you vaporize. Spend more time vaping and less time cleaning when you use the Loki Touch.
Accessories (Included): 1 x Loki Touch Vaporizer 2 x Mouthpiece Screens 2 x Herb Chamber Screens 1 x Silicone Sleeve 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Charging Cable
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Digital LED Display
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Ultra Fast Heating
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • Easy to Clean