O-PHOS Vaporizer (vusa)

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O-PHOS Vaporizer

Product Features: Includes Improved KISS Cartridge Advanced USB Charging System 7 Second Button Safety Timeout Powerful 900 mAh Battery Pull Flow Voltage Circuitry Available in Black or Chrome Flush Button (Version 3.0)   Developed by Delta9 Vapes, the O-Phos Vaporizer is a entry level unit that features a standard 3.7v battery and utilizes the improved KISS cartridge. The O-Phos Vaporizer incorporates a USB charging system that enhances the reliability and durability of the unit. The one-button activation system make it very simple to operate and the 5-click lock mechanism is great for preserving battery life. The O-Phos also utilizes a powerful 900mAh battery with pull flow voltage circuitry. It also features a 7 second button safety timeout and it's available in matte black or stainless steel. Each unit includes a USB adapter, battery, KISS cartridge, mouthpiece and carrying case. KISS CARTRIDGE The new and improved KISS cartridge was designed for more efficient vaporization with waxy oils. Simply place a dab of your favorite wax directly onto the atomizer and you're vaporizing within a matter of seconds. The new direct dab system means you don't have to waste time using a funnel or other tool. NEW MODEL - VERSION 3.0 The newest model of the O-Phos (version 3.0) includes a new evod-style battery that features a "flush" button for controlling the unit. It also utilizes a new center pin that eliminates the minor "gap" that existed on the KISS cartridges with the version 2.0. The black ceramic wick now included with the new 3.0 version is more efficient and produces better quality vapor.   Accessories (Included): 1 x Battery 1 x Mouthpiece 1 x KISS Cartridge 1 x USB Adapter 1 x Carrying Case