Vapor Brothers Deluxe Colored Hydrator Kit

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Vapor Brothers Deluxe Colored Hydrator Kit
The VaporBrothers Hydrator Kit contains everything you need to turn your Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer into a Deluxe Hydrator. The Brothers' Hydrator allows you to filter and cool the vapor from your VaporBrothers Vaporizer by drawing it through water. People with sensitive throats and lungs will find this addition invaluable. The Deluxe VaporBrothers Hydrator Kit contains a Hydrator, matching Hands Free Whip, and a 14mm Ground Glass Adaptor.   The Vapor Brothers Hydrator is beautifully made of hand blown glass in the U.S.A. Each bubbler is a unique piece of sculpted art. Because of this colors and patterns may vary from the picture.   Product Features: Water Filtration Ground Glass Connection Super Smooth Vapor Hand Blown   Accessories (Included): Hydrator Hands Free Whip (Colored) 14mm Ground Glass Adapter