Vaporite Garnet Mini Vaporizer (VN)

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Garnet Mini Vaporizer

Product Features:

1300mah Battery Includes 2 Replacement Coils Easy Fill Tank (Clearomizer) Heats up in 3-5 seconds One-Button Activation  

The Vaporite Garnet Mini Vaporizer is compatible with all types of e-liquid and includes 2 extra heating coils as replacements. This mini version of the Garnet features a 1300mah battery and a wickless oil tank for efficient vaporization of your liquids. The Vaporite Garnet works at the press of a button and is capable of producing large clouds of vapor in 3-5 seconds. Simple to use, the Garnet is perfect for those people who want to enjoy their e-juice with ease.   

Accessories (Included): 1 x 1300 Battery 1 x Oil Tank (Clearomizer) 1 x USB Charger 2 x Replacement Heating Coils 1 x Instructions