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Contents: 1 x Atmos Junior Battery 1 x Glass Screens 1 x Ceramic Heating Chamber 1 x Chamber Connector 1 x Ceramic Filter 1 x Mesh Filter and Spring 1 x Rubber Mouthpiece 1 x Cleaning Brush Tool 1 x Packing Tool 1 x USB Charger 1 x User Manual    About: The Atmos Junior Vaporizer is manufactured by Atmos Technology LLC out of Florida. It is the number one rated pen-style vaporizer that is made to use with both dry herbs and concentrated essential oils, just made mini. The dimensions are as follows: 0.5" in diameter and 3.75" tall. These herbal vaporizers come fully equipped with the AtmosRX lithium ion rechargeable battery, a ceramic heating chamber, ceramic filter, spring, mesh screen filter, glass screen, chamber connector, rubber mouthpiece, cleaning brush tool, packing tool, USB charger, and a user guide direction manual.   Like all Atmos products this herbal vaporizer has a rapid heat-up time averaging around five seconds. The temperature minimum starts at 375 degrees F to a maximum of 400 degrees F which is reached at a maximum of 10 seconds. It is only five inches tall and one-half inch in diameter, making it super portable. With a pen-style look it is also extremely discrete. The battery holds up to 72 hours of life depending on frequency of use, and only takes up to two hours to fully charge. The ceramic heating chamber ensures even heating throughout the entire chamber. It also keeps the heat locked in. These vaporizers are enhanced with a 2-part filtration system. Plant material is firstly blocked from being inhaled by the mesh screen filter. The vapor is then filtered through the ceramic filter which not only filters vapor, but it also cools the vapor for optimal inhalation. As with all the other Atmos products, this vaporizer includes one power button with a blue LED light indicator. It glows whenever pushed and blinks as an alert when the battery is in need of a charge or if auto-shut off is being activated. It also features a lock which requires five continuous clicks of the power button for the unit to be powered on.