Atmos Nail Vaporizer Kit

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Contents: 1 x Lithium Ion Battery 1 x Nail Chamber 1 x Nail Cone 1 x Tank Cover 1 x Tank Mouthpiece 1 x Nail Tip 1 x Wall Adapter 1 x Wired USB Charger 1 x User manual   About: The Atmos Nail Vaporizer Kit is manufactured by Atmos Technology LLC out of Florida. It comes fully equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, nail chamber, nail cone, tank cover, tank mouthpiece, nail tip, wall adapter, wired USB charger, and a user direction manual.   The Atmos Nail Vaporizers can be used with either waxy concentrate or liquid essential oils. The better takes 5 hours to fully charge, but it offers up to 72 hours of battery life depending on frequency of use. A USB charger allows for charging virtually anywhere. The removable and refillable tank is perfect for on-the-go use and lifestyles. These tanks hold and contain the unused essential oils until completely used up so it doesn't need to be refilled every single use. Once ready to use the heat up time is only 5 seconds making it as rapid as can be. These herbal vaporizers are made to do the job quickly and efficiently. The power button on the Atmos Nail features a blue LED light. It glows whenever pushed and blinks as an alert when the battery is in need of a charge or if auto-shut off is being activated. It also features a lock which requires five continuous clicks of the power button for the unit to be powered on. This ensures it won't just go off and start vaping in your pocket.