Atmos Nano

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Single quartz rod wax pen with dab tool built in to mouthpiece, extra atomizer, button battery, and USB charger

Simple and discreet, the Nano Waxy Kit is the perfect wax consistency vaporizer for anyone interested in on-the-go use. The device’s quartz rod heating element provides consistently pure flavor. The kit comes complete with a single-button operated battery, two heating chambers, and a charger. The Nano kit’s easy to operate design and compact feel make it a favorite for new and experienced vapers alike, while it’s unique battery and advanced PCB ensure high-powered hits with every puff.


Size: h 74mm, d 9 mm


This Kit Includes:


1 - Nano Manual Battery


2 – Quartz Rod Heating Chamber


1 - Packing Tool


1 - USB Charger