BHOLT Vaporizer

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Product Features: Glass on Glass Connection One-Button Activation 14mm Ground Glass Easy to Use Quick Heat-Up Time   Meet the world's first glass on glass pen vaporizer. The Bholt Vaporizer is revolutionary portable vape is capable of vaporizing your favorite oils and waxes with incredible efficiency. Since it utilizes a glass on glass connection, you can be assured that you'll receive the best tasting vapor possible. Absolutely no plastic or metal taste. Simply place a dab of your wax or oil on the atomizer, press the heat button, and you're vaporizing within seconds. Since the unit is comprised of glass, you can view the vapor as it forms in the heating chamber and travels into the mouthpiece. It also utilizes a 14mm ground glass connection which allows the unit to be used with any 14mm water pipe. The BHOLT Vaporizer also features an LED light that turns on when the heat button is being used.   GLASS ON GLASS CONNECTION   The glass on glass connection ensures the cleanest vaporization possible. It also ensures that you'll be receiving the best tasting vapor, allowing you to extract the full essence from your wax or oil. Since it utilizes a 14mm ground glass connection, the BHOLT Vaporizer is also compatible to work with any 14mm water pipe. Now you can finally use your waxes and oils with your favorite water pipe.   Accessories (Included): 1 x Battery 1 x USB Charger 1 x Carrying Case 1 x 14mm Atomizer 1 x 14mm Mouthpiece