New FDA regulations affect gas stations and convenience stores

Posted by Eddie on 9th Nov 2018

The FDA continues to strike at the vaping industry with its’ latest regulatory change. They are now making it illegal to buy vaping items in stores and gas stations. The only place you’ll be allowed t … read more

Vaping Laws In Your State

Posted by Eddie on 8th Nov 2018

I get asked all the time about the different vaping laws in each state. The FDA regulates the laws at the federal level but states are allowed to create their own definitions. Here’s a link for more d … read more

FDA Warning

Posted by ER on 11th May 2018

We all know the (Food & Drug Administration) FDA wants to get more involved with the vaporizer/electronic cigarette business. They recently announced that they have issued additional warnings to “ … read more

Vaping destroying cigarette industry

Posted by Eddie on 25th Apr 2018

This was easy to people are now finding that there’s an alternative to smoking cigarettes, there’s been a huge increase in the vaping industry with a resulting decrease in the cigarette i … read more

A Former Smoker Speaks

Posted by Quora on 26th Aug 2017

The following is a story from Quora that I thought you'd enjoy reading:  Do people who quit smoking and start vaping feel a difference with their health? Do they breathe easier than before?Yeah I … read more