Education: Grinders

Posted by The Vape Guide on 6th Feb 2017

I get a lot of questions from newbies on vaping so I thought I'd start addressing these questions in this blog.  The following comes from my friends at The Vape Guide: 

Every vaping enthusiast wants the best results from the herb they are using. In this pursuit of maximizing the hit quality they choose the best possible vaporizer, finest quality of herbs and follow all the best practices prescribed for vaporization. However, the one best practice that is often overlooked by vapers is the use of a good herb grinder. Apart from your herbs and vaporizer, it is your grinder that plays the most important role in optimizing your vaping experience. No matter how good is the quality of your material, it cannot give the desired results unless it is ground properly. This is because grinding not only enhances the surface area of the herb you are vaping, but also reduce the risk of combustion.

In this article we will try to explain the importance of using a good grinder to grind herbs to use with the vaporizer. A grinder is an accessory that breaks up the leaves of your herb into smaller pieces. This process has a dual positive effect on your vaping – first it increases the surface area of the herbs inside the chamber of your vaporizer. As a result your material gets heated up more evenly and thus produces more flavor with each draw. Secondly, the herbs are vaporized completely without causing any harshness. In a nutshell, grinding has the following effects on your vaping:

  • Your herbs get fully vaporized
  • You get bigger clouds of vapor
  • Grinding minimizes the risk of combustion
  • You get flavorful and smooth vapor

Taking these benefits into consideration, it becomes imperative for you to grind your herbs before vaping. So, it does not matter whether you are using a portable vaporizer, a hookah or a desktop vaporizer for vaping, as long as you have ground your herbs really well you can expect the most enjoyable vaping experience.

Let us discuss in detail how a good grinder enhances the potential of your favorite herbs.

More Surface Area Means More Even Vaporization

A good grinder breaks up the material into fine powdery form and thus increases its surface area manifolds. It is not exactly powder, but very close to that. This state of your material is ideal of vaping. It does not matter whether your material is cannabis or any other herb, its increased surface area absorbs the heat of the heating chamber more evenly and hence produces thick, flavor rich vapor. Every draw that your get from the well ground material is more fulfilling and full of taste. In addition to this, the quality of the vapor produced stays consistent all through the vaping session. Clouds chasers in particular can feel the benefits of using a good grinder more than anyone else. As the herb get heated up consistently, it produces huge clouds of vapor with each draw.

Grinding Lead to More Efficient Use of Herbs

The herbs that you buy for vaping come at a price and most of them are on the expensive side. So, it makes a lot of sense to use them efficiently. You should be able to draw maximum performance from each gram of herb. A good grinder goes a long way to achieve this goal for you. When you grind your herb finely, you get the desired effect in a few draws. This is because the additional surface area coming in contact with the heat of the chamber produces more vapor per gram. As a result you have to use smaller amount of herbs to gain the same benefits. This has a great positive effect on the economy of your vaping. You spend less time, less material and less battery life for a fulfilling vaping session.

Grinders Allow You to Segregate the Material

Every herb, especially the cannabis plant has different parts that can be vaporized separately. Segregating these parts can be a daunting task if you are not using a good grinder. There are grinders that are specially designed for this purpose. You can choose from models with a pollen or keif catcher. Kief is the cannabis plant’s resin glands, which can be sifted off from the herb with a mesh screen during the grinding process. Most high-end grinders or three-chamber grinders include a pollen screen that allows you to separate this material for later use. So, using an appropriate grinder for your herbs is very important.

If you are a vaping enthusiast, having a good grinder is an absolute must for you. There is wide variety of grinders available to meet your individual needs. The grinders come in acrylic, wood and metal finishes. While the simplest and smallest grinders are called 2-piece, there is another option called 3-piece grinders that has a separate chamber for herb storage. The most sophisticated grinders have a 4-piece design that has an extra mesh screen for collecting the pollen. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from any of these varieties, but make sure that you have one.