Box Vaporizers Whips And Wands - Standard (gl)

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Standard Wand Set (Non-Hands Free) Please check out our comparison on Hands Free vs Standard Vaporizers if you are confused about what option is right for you.   Made from smooth beautiful colored glass. Double blown for strength and durability, unlike many cheaper designs. Use this Standard Whip/Wand for less work and an easier vaping experience! This standard whip will fit all standard box vaporizers including: Vapor Box Standard Vaporizer VaporCannon Standard Vaporizer Vapor Brothers Standard Vaporizer Silver Surfer Vaporizer with Standard Heater Cover And Many More!     The Deluxe Standard Whip and Wand set is another excellent accessory for your standard vaporizer. The wand can be broken down into two pieces for easy cleaning and screen replacement. The 30" silicone tube is made to fit perfectly with the Deluxe wand and custom hand blown glass mouthpiece. Includes 3 Screens Please check out the Hands Free Deluxe Wand for all Easy Vapes and Vaporite Vaporizers. If you have a frosted male connector sticking out from your vaporizer box then you need the Hands Free Version of this. 100% True OEM, this is the real thing.   Features Compatible with Vapor Box Standard, VaporCannon Standard, Vapor Brothers Standard, Silver SUrfer with Standard Heater Cover Each Set Includes Glass Mouthpiece, Glass Wand, 30" Silicone Whip Tubing and Screen Borosilicate Glass