Cloud Pen 2.0 Vaporizer (VN)

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Cloud Pen 2.0 Vaporizer is a pen-style herbal vaporizer with a 50% stronger battery than the original Cloud Pen. NEW heavy duty atomizer Contents: ·        1 x Lithium Ion Battery ·        1 x Mouthpiece ·        1 x Atomizer ·        1 x Wall Adapter ·        1 x Wired micro USB Charger ·        1 x User Manual ·        1 x X Skilletools TOOL ·        1 x Travel Case   The Cloud 2.0 is a vamped up version of the Cloud Pen herbal vaporizer. This pen has also been made more discreet with an inverted color of the button. It is now black. The LED backlighting was changed as well creating a green backlight rather than blue. The Cloud 2.0 vaporizers are also equipped with a new heavy duty atomizer and a wired micro USB charger. When purchased as the kit, each Cloud 2.0 vaporizer comes fully loaded with 1 lithium ion battery, 1 mouthpiece, 1 atomizer, 1 wired micro USB charger, 1 wall adapter, 1 X Skillet tools tool, 1 travel case, and 1 user manual.