Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer Kit

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The Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer Kit is designed with an all black color scheme and features a green LED that gives off a futuristic vibe. By equipping the OG with a click-in atomizer setup, the attachment stays firmly in place whereas other vaporizers can easily fall apart in your pocket. Offering the option of two different atomizers the OG can vaporize wax, thicker concentrates and even dry herb.   TWO OF A KIND What is better than one? Two! The Cloud Pen OG sets you up with two complete vaporizers right out of the box. Never be without a vape again. Or load up two different kinds of concentrate and don't worry about swapping atomizers. The Cloud Pen OG is a versatile vaporizer that puts full vaporization control in the palm of your hand... or hands.   SLEEK APPEARANCE The all black color scheme gives the OG a discreet appearance that helps avoid unwanted attention. When the button is pressed a green LED glows to signal the atomizer is heating. To indicate the battery life is less than 10% the LED changes to red. Connect the Cloud Pen OG to the included micro-USB charging cord to get back in business quickly.   Accessories (Included): 2 x 350 mAh Batterues 1 x Medi A1.0 Atomizer 1 x Medi A2.0T Vertical Rod Hybrid Atomizer 2 x Cloud Pen Mouthpieces 3 x Mouth Guards 1 x A/C Adapter 1 x Micro USB Cord Charger 2 x C-Tensisl 1 x Cloud Pen Sticker 1 x Authenticity Card 1 x User Manual    PRODUCT FEATURES Two Full Vaporizers 350 mAh Batteries Green LED Lit Button Click-In Atomizers Low Battery Indicator Micro-USB Charging Port