CVault Storage Container

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CVault Storage Container, Storage Container
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CVault Storage Container The CVault is the perfect storage container for your aromatic blends.The CVault forms an air-tight seal and uses Boveda® humidity packs, ensuring a perfect 62% relative humidity inside the chamber. If your aromatic blends are too dry, Boveda® and CVault will add moisture. If they are too moist, Boveda® and CVault will remove moisture.   CVault Construction Lightweight and durable stainless steel. Tri-latch design to "lock in freshness". Controls freshness in three ways: eliminates light, seals air, and preserves humidity.   Humidity Control 2-way patented humidity control using Boveda® (included) The Boveda® prevents humidity spikes and fluctuations that degrade oil, character, and aromas from ingredients Boveda® is made from 100% natural elements: pure water and salt.   CVault Dimensions & Boveda® Packs Included   Small CVault• Diameter: 3.25" (8cm) | Depth: 1.75" (4.4cm) • 1x 8 gram 62% Boveda®   Medium CVault• Diameter: 4" (10cm) | Depth: 2.25" (5.6cm)• 1x 8 gram 62% Boveda®   Large CVault• Diameter: 5" (12.7cm) | Depth: 2.75" (7cm)• 2x 8 gram 62% Boveda®   X-Large CVault• Diameter: 6.5" (16.5cm) | Depth: 3.8" (9.6cm)• 4x 8 gram 62% Boveda®   XX-Large (4 Liter) CVault• Diameter: 9" (22.8cm) | Depth: 5.8" (14.7cm) • 1x 60 gram 62% Boveda®   XXX-Large (6 Liter) CVault• Diameter: 10.8" (27.4cm) | Depth: 6.25" (15.9cm)• 1x 60 gram 62% Boveda®   XXXX-Large (Mega) CVault• Diameter 12" (30.5cm) | Depth: 10" (25.4cm)• 2x 60 gram 62% Boveda®   Features CVault Kit Includes CVault Storage Case, Lid, & 62% Humidipak. Humidity Controlled Storage. Air Tight Seal. Stainless Steel.