Da Vinci Portable Vaporizer (VN)

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The Da Vinci Portable Vaporizer is a pocket-sized portable herbal vaporizer. It has an LED digital temperature control and 1.4 hours of battery life per charge. Contents: 1 x Da Vinci Vaporizer 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Wall Charger 1 x Flexi Straw 3 x Large Replacement Screens  6 x Small Replacement Screens 2 x Oil Cans 1 x Instructional Manual 1 x 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. The DaVinci Vaporizer is the world's most advanced, pocket-sized herbal vaporizer. The vaporization process eliminates harmful carcinogens, smoke and tar known to cause disease, while still producing unbeatable potency and flavor. The DaVinci fits in any pocket. Designed with portability in mind, the DaVinci's small form factor makes it convenient and discreet, to be enjoyed anywhere. The DaVinci boasts digital temperature control, giving you a precise and accurate vaporization temperature. While other units may use inaccurate technology that defeat the purpose of temperature-sensitive vaporization, such as butane, the battery powered DaVinci lets you choose the exact degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The DaVinci has it's very own storage compartment so you can easily store your essential oils or materials with the unit itself. The internal storage chamber holds enough material to refill the herb chamber about three times. The auxiliary second chamber allows for dual chamber use.