Dank Dabber

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The Dank Dabber is an advanced dabber tool that fits on your fingertip and works with any type of oil or wax. Simply dip the Dank Dabber into your favorite oil or wax and your ready to start dabbing within seconds. It's unique thimble design make it the most effective and innovative dabber on the market. They are made from 100% stainless steel and are easily cleanable. The Dank Dabber currently comes in 4 different designs: needlepoint, scrape tip, scoop tip and ball point.   DANK CAP The Dank Cap features 3 vented holes that are specially designed for lower temperature dabs. This provides more unique flavor that can only be achieved with the cap. It also prevents losing extra vapor on larger dabs by covering the nail. It fits on all 10mm - 18mm domeless nails and also works great on E/D Nails.