Evoke Vaporizer

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Product Features: Induction Heating Technology Smart Vape Platform Quality Construction Robust Vapor Production Unique Design COMING SOON Accessories (Included): 1 x Evoke Unit 1 x Induction Core 3 x Reusable Capsules and Susceptors 1 x Battery 1 x Charger The Evoke Vaporizer is the first smart vape powered by induction. The creators of this revolutionary device, Loto Labs, had one simple goal: to create the world's best vaporizer. It's beautifully crafted, fits ergonomically in your hands, requires low maintenance, creates massive clouds, and works amazingly time after time. The biggest difference between the Evoke and all other portable vaporizers is the heating element. Whereas other vapes use a wick and coil system that degrade quickly and need to be replaced often, the Evoke utilizes induction heating. INDUCTION HEATING TECHNOLOGY Most people have heard of induction when talking about kitchen ranges. Induction’s claim to fame is being able to boil water at ridiculous speeds, being able to control the temperature instantly, with the range still being cool to the touch. Now imagine this technology being used in a vaporizer; all of the magic of induction will lead to a superior product and an experience you simply can’t get with electric coil heaters. The benefits of induction heating are simple: it heats up extremely fast and is very durable. Consumers find out the hard way that even high-end expensive vaporizers break down after weeks or months of use all because of the flawed coil heating system. With the Evoke and its unique induction heating, your thousandth use will be just as good as your first! UNIQUE DESIGN To go along with the game changer that is induction heating, the Evoke features a one-of-a-kind design. The materials used in the Evoke are premium ones that not only feel great, but are very durable and serve a function. The majority of the outer construction of the Evoke are made out of wood. This keeps the Evoke lightweight and cool to the touch. Brushed stainless steel is another premium material, that when combined with the high quality wood, creates a beautifully modern piece you’ll want to carry with you everywhere. SMART VAPE PLATFORM One of the key features of the Evoke is the Smart Vape platform. In order to precisely control the Evoke's heating features, a sophisticated microprocessor is already on board. This microprocessor can then be put to use for all the smart functions, data monitoring, and security. This will allow the user to control several different key metrics of the Evoke. This includes checking the battery health and monitoring daily usage.