G Pen microG Original Vaporizer (Dual Set)

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Product Features: Dual Set - 2 Full Units High-Quality Atomizer Easy to Use Sleek Design   This is the original G Pen Micro G Vaporizer, which set the standard for all wax pen vaporizers. The high-quality atomizers included with each MicroG ensure an efficient vaporization process and won't die out like many of the cheap models. This limited edition dual set includes two complete units, perfect for couples or for those who want a backup unit. Since it's made by Grenco Science, you can be sure the quality of this vaporizer is of the highest caliber.   Note: Not compilable with new MicroG model.   Accessories (Included): 2 x Batteries 2 x Atomizers 2 x Mouthpieces 1 x Key Chain 1 x Loading Tool 5 x Mouthpiece Sleeves 1 x Wall Adapter 1 x USB Charger 2 x Glass Containers 3 x Cleaning Tips