G Slim Wax Vaporizer (VN)

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Product Features: Portable & Discreet Single Coil Wickless Atomizer Easy to Use Affordable Heats Instantly Durable & Reliable Accessories (Included): 1 x G Slim Battery 1 x G Slim Wax Chamber 1 x G Slim Tool 1 x Wireless USB Charger The G Slim Wax Vaporizer from Grenco Science utilizes a single coil ceramic rod (wickless) atomizer, and is the easiest and most affordable way to enjoy your favorite wax concentrates on-the-go. Combining lightweight technology with sleek simplicity, the G Slim provides high-performance functionality in a compact, highly portable design so that you can dab anywhere and everywhere. The G Slim is super-simple to use. Just unscrew the mouthpiece, load your wax concentrate into the chamber, replace the mouthpiece, and hold the button to heat as you inhale. Its sleek stature and overall durability make it the G Slim the perfect companion for concerts, camping, ski trips or just running errands around town. Developed by Grenco Science, one of the most trusted names in the industry.