GoBoof ALFA Portable Vaporizer

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GoBoof ALFA Portable Vaporizer Sleek and ergonomic portable vaporizer Vaporizes Dry Blends Long-lasting battery Contents: 1 x Goboof Pro 2 x Mouthpiece 1 x Wall Charger 3 x Pipe Cleaners 4 x Screens 3 x Cleaning Picks About: The Goboof Alfa has a unique rotary dial for easy operation with three manual temperature settings of LO (190ºC/374ºF), MID (210ºC/410ºF), and HI (230ºC/446ºF) and two automatic settings (A/P and A/T).  It is compact and has been designed specifically to easily fit into any pocket.  Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold in one hand and its all metal anodised machined casing is durable and sleek .  The heating chamber is large in size and is extremely efficient, producing thick clouds of vapor.  The central heating pin guarantees uniform and rapid heating.  The Alfa's anodized oven is extremely easy to clean.  Goboof's Smart Puff Technology allows for gradual increase in temperature of your vape over time.  The A/P setting allows for each puff you take to increase the vaporizer's temperature by 3 degrees Celsius until the maximum temperature is reached.  On A/T, your dry blend is gradually heated from lowest to highest setting over 20 minutes. Goboof's battery is flawlessly designed with a 30 second heat up and up to two hours of battery life.  The automatic shut off feature detects if you are not using your Alfa and will shut off after 15 minutes of no puffs being drawn.  You can even operate this unit with it plugged into the wall. Goboof's careful and thoughtful design is sure to make the Alfa a fan favorite.