Grenco G Pen Portable Vaporizer

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Made by Grenco Science™, the G-Pen Vaporizer was one of the first of its kind to hit the market. With its game changing size, the G-Pen has become a high demand product in the wholesale market. These herbal vaporizers are pen-style vapes  created for exclusive use with concentrate and liquid essential oils. It uses a G-Tank system to minimize the need for small parts that tend to need frequent replacing and have the possibility of being lost. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery connects to the tank just by a simple screw on process. The only necessary set up for a user is to remove the plastic storage cap on the tank, place in essential oil or concentrate and place the mouthpiece on. After that easy set-up, it is ready to use for vaporizing. Once the simple set up process is completed, just push the button and the battery transfers the perfect amount of power to the tank to heat up the product at just the right temperature before the combustion point. It is that simple. Charging is also simple the batter is charges using a USB charger and has a long battery life lasting 1-2 days depending on frequency of use. It also features LED light indicators on the one button operation system. It lights up and blinks when the batter is dying, it also blinks and automatically shuts off when not being used to conserve that battery. The G-Pen Vaporizers can be charged virtually anywhere with a USB port, so portability is at a maximum. The G-Pen Vaporizers come in box sets with everything one may need to successfully travel with their pen-style herbal vaporizer.  The box is fully equipped with the rechargeable battery, one G-Tank, one G-Tool for easy insert of the concentrate, one wall charger, one AC adapter, and two essential oil containers to easily keep everything together.

Pen-style herbal vaporizer

Removable and refillable tank

Exclusively for concentrate and liquid essential oils

Contents: 1 x G Battery 1 x Original G Tank 1 x G Tool 1 x G Charging Kit 2 x G Glass Containers 1 x G Pen Wireless USB Charger 3 x G