Helos Mini Double Portable vaporizer

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Helos Mini Double Portable vaporizer 2 full vape pens in one 6 hours continues use per charge 6 month limited warrany Contents: 2 x Helos Mini Vape Pens 2 x eNail Coils 2 x eFunnel Coils 1 x eDab Tool 1 x USB charger 1 x Wall Adapter 1 x eDab Sticker 1 x Warrany Card About: The HELOS Mini by eDab packs the power and efficiency of a standard sized vape pen into a small and perfectly portable package. Top to bottom the HELOS Mini has the ability to out-perform pens twice its size without even breaking a sweat. Your new HELOS Mini Double Kit comes with two complete pen set-ups right out of the box, making it easy for couples or friends to share the experience. The HELOS Mini cartridge features a durable borosilicate glass globe that gives you total control of your vapor. With the coil in full view at all times you can accurately tune the vaporizing experience to your exact liking, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable session with your HELOS Mini each and every time. In addition, the glass globe is considerably easier to clean than a typical vape pen cap. Just soak it, rinse it, and you're done. The Double Kit also includes 2 types of unique atomizer coils. The "eNail" coil features a ceramic concentrate dish for easy loading and a deep reservoir to catch excess material. The "eFunnel" coil, as the name suggests, sports a stainless steel funnel design surrounding a specialized ceramic dish that is incredibly efficient. The wick sits on the bottom of the dish, making sure no material is wasted. For added efficiency simply scrape your hand tool in a circular motion around the inside of the funnel to work any excess material down to the wick. The coils are interchangeable and 2 of each kind are included with the set (1 extra of each). When it is eventually time to buy replacement coils you can choose whichever you like best, or both - the choice is yours. The HELOS Mini battery was developed under the strictest quality control possible. The slim design makes it a perfect fit in any pocket or bag for quick portable use away from home. The power button glows a fiery orange when activated to light up the HELOS "E" logo and let you know your HELOS Mini is hard at work. The battery is available in two colors; a sleek Midnight Black and the stylish Vapor Grey. On the bottom of your HELOS Mini battery you will find a micro USB charging port, the same charging port most smart phones utilize today. Unlike other flimsy chargers you've seen, the HELOS Mini has a durable high speed USB corded charger with wall adapter included. You can also use any smart phone (Android etc) micro USB charging cord to charge your HELOS Mini batteries! The HELOS Mini comes with a limited 6 month warranty so if anything happens to go wrong you need not worry, eDab has got you covered. Pick up your HELOS Mini today and experience what it is like to have serious vaporizing power in the palm of your hand. How to use: 1. Remove glass globe and load ceramic coil dish with a small amount of essential oil/wax/concentrate. 2. Press and hold the power button for several seconds while inhaling slowly. Battery will pause after 15 seconds to protect the coil. 3. When desired amount of vapor is inside globe, pull from mouthpiece slowly.