Helos Stealth eSkillet Vaporizer

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Helos Stealth eSkillet Vaporizer Discreet Streamlined Design Extra Large Ceramic Dish High Performance Heavy Duty Coil The HELOS Stealth eSkillet was made with discreetness and quality performance in mind. Its streamlined black design shows nothing visibly but sleek black with a rubberized finish that is smooth to the touch and easy to hold onto. It is ultimate discreetness on-the-go. It is made compatible with 510 threading and will easily match up with other black batteries.  The Stealth eSkillet was made with affordability in mind, yet none an compare to its durable build and high performance qualities. The ceramic dish was made oversized for extremely easy loading. It also features a heavy duty coil designed for heavy duty loads of concentrate. The eSkillet also comes apart into 3 separate pieces for easy cleaning. You can also replace just the coil when its tiem for a new one rather than replacing an entire cartridge. The eSkillet coils are available separately in packs of 2.