Inhalater Portable vaporizer

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Inhalater Portable vaporizer Portable compact vaporizer For use with tobacco and essential oils and waxes Easy to use Contents: 1x Inhalater INH05 2x standard capsule 1x charger* 4x cleaning towelettes 4x hygienic tips 10x cleaning tools 1x instruction manual About: Designed for easy operation and portability, the Inhalater uses state of the art technology and materials to deliver a great vaping experience.  The Inhalater’s dual conduction-convection system evenly heats your plant material by heating the air you inhale and circulating it around the heating chamber.  The unit is made of polybutylene terephthalate, or PBT, which makes it extremely light and easy to transport.  The heating chamber is composed of a nichrome heating element wrapped between two sheets of polyimide, which is a synthetic resin used in many high-tech applications for its high heat resistance.  The unit has interchangeable batteries, replaceable screens, and can even be used while charging.  Even cleaning the Inhalater is simple with the enclosed cleaning tools.