Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100W (VN)

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Product Features

AETHON Chipset Rapid Calibration 25 – 100W Temperature Control RampUp preBoost 2AMP microUSB Quick Charge ClearWave Noise Cancellation Technology Flush 510 Thread Connection OLED Screen

INTERNAL 3300mAh BATTERY No more fumbling with a mess of spare batteries, the Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100W Starter Kit utilizes a long lasting internal 3300mAh battery. Charge it up and take it out on the go as your all day vape.

CLEARWAVE NOISE CANCELLATION TECHNOLOGY Making for more discreet performance, the ClearWave noise cancellation technology reduces the sound. This function allows you to keep things low key when necessary.

STANDBY POWER CONSUMPTION With the Cool Fire IV TC 100W you don't waste power when you are not vaping. The Standby Power Consumption feature means the battery will last longer on a single charge. It stays ready for action at moments notice.

VAPE WHILE CHARGING Can't stop? Won't stop? With the Cool Fire IV TC 100W you don't have to! Pass through charging capability means that even if the battery is plugged in, the unit can still power on.

ULTRA FAST Faster than the speed of light! Well, not quite but close. Click the button and within .2 seconds vapor production is at full bore. Designed with taste in mind, this lightning quick heat means only the finest flavors are experienced.

OVERHEAT PROTECTION Some mod vaporizers can get hot, hot, hot! The Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100W Starter Kit alleviates any concern of overheating thanks to a built in temperature protection feature. Vape comfortably knowing that you won't burn your e-juice.  

Accessories (Included): 1 x Innokin Cool Fire 4 TC100W Aethon Battery 1 x Micro USB Cable 1 x English manual.