Iolite WISPR Portable Herbal Vaporizer

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Iolite WISPR Portable Herbal Vaporizer Portable herbal vaporizer Butane powered Continuous vaporization for up to 3 hours Contents: 1 x WISPR Herbal Vaporizer 1 x Carry Case 1 x Maintenance Tool 2 x Pipe Cleaners 1 x Filling Chamber 1 x Mouthpiece 1 x Fine Mesh Screen 2 x Mouthpiece Tips 1 x Instruction Manual About: The WISPR Vaporizer by Iolite is a compact and portable herbal vaporizer powered by butane gas. When purchased, these vaporizers come fully equipped with the WISPR Vaporizer, a flexible mouthpiece, a replacement heater mesh screen, a 7 Dot filling chamber, moisture condenser, and instruction manual. With a unique art deco style, the WISPR Vaporizer by Iolite is a portable vaporizer used for dried plant material. It features an upgraded and patented butane delivery system and mouthpiece. These herbal vaporizers are therefore quick and easy to start up. They feature the ability to always check the fuel tank with a fuel tank window. The butane gas tank fills with a minimal amount of butane and allows this vaporizer to continuously work for up to 3 hours. The heater and thermostat contains a patented flameless gas catalytic. The built in bi-metal regulator allows the WISPR by Iolite to maintain an optimal temperature of 374°F.