JUUL Dual USB Battery Charger

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Restore power to your JUUL devices using the DUET JUUL USB Charger. It plugs into any USB port, including a wall adapter or a laptop. Two magnetic clamps hold devices securely in place and upright while they charge. On the end is an opening for attaching to a keychain, allowing for convenient portability and on-the-go use. This JUUL charger replacement is also available in a selection of colors and works with multiple types of JUUL devices. A removable cap protects the USB plug between uses or while in storage. 

DUET Dual Charger for JUUL Battery, Charge 2 JUUL Batteries TOGETHER:

  • Powerful dual charging
  • Dual magnetic ports
  • Power from any USB source
  • Attachable to a keychain for on-the-go use
  • Removable storage cap