Magic Flight Water Piece Whip

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Magic-Flight Water Piece Whip Attach your Magic-Flight Launch Box to your water piece with the Magic-Flight Water Piece Whip. Water cooled vapor makes for a more enjoyable experience with Launch Box. Pair with the Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.0 for powerful vapor production at home. Out of the box Magic-Flight Water Piece Whip pairs with downstems that are 14mm. Purchase the 14 to 18mm Glass Fitter to use with 18mm downstems.   What's in the Box 14mm Ground Glass Joint with Wood Housing 1' Silicone Whip Tubing Glass Stem   Features Designed For Magic-Flight Launch Box Connects Launch Box To 14mm Water Pipe 1' Silicone Whip Tubing Choose Maple, Cherry, Or Walnut To Match Your Launch Box OEM Magic-Flight Product