Naked 100 Menthol E-Liquid 60ML (hsw)

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Naked 100 Menthol E-Liquid 60ML (hsw)


  • VERY COOL: A mix of fresh blueberry, tangy blackberry, tart raspberry with cool undertones. Guaranteed to leave your taste buds fresh and ice. 
  • BRAIN FREEZE: Not your typical menthol blend, Brain Freeze combines the rich flavor of strawberry, tartness of a kiwi, and sweet ruby red pomegranates. Leaving you with a very cool and satisfying exhale.
  • FROST BITE: A combination of sweet golden Pineapple, the smooth and crispness of Honeydew and the sweet tangy taste of Cantaloupe. blended to perfection with a cool hint of menthol.
  • 60ml Glass Bottle