Pinnacle Pro Portable Herbal Vaporizer

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Pinnacle Pro Portable Herbal Vaporizer Compact, portable herbal vaporizer 5 NEW heat settings Improved convection based ceramic heater Contents: 1 x Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer 1 x Wire Cleaning Brush 1 x Filling Canister 1 x Stand 1 x Replacement Mouthpiece 1 x Pinnacle Vaporizer Charger 1 x Instruction Manual About: The Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is VaporBLUNT's newest addition to the VaporBLUNT family. The original Pinnacle Vaporizer was improved to be EVEN better! It features a new and improved heating chamber for better vaporization, and it now features 5 heat setting rather than 2. This new game-changer puts the word portable in portability. Measuring at 5 inches in length and only 1 inch in diameter this solid black unit is easy to use anywhere on-the-go. By adding the fact that it is easily rechargeable with a refillable, reusable herb chamber, this unit tops the list in convenience factors. Set-up for this unit was created with simplicity in mind. The mouthpiece can be taken off in a snap revealing the removable filling chamber. All you have to do is take that chamber out, fill it up with your choice blend, put it back in, put the mouthpiece back on and  you are ready to vaporize. These herbal vaporizers start up with just a push of the single button on its front face. When the light turns on white, give it about 50 seconds to reach full heat potential and inhale for a flavorful, dense vapor. For extra filtration an optional hydro tube water pipe attachment can be purchased. It fits in place of the mouthpiece and filters the vapor through water before inhalation. In order to create a vapor rather than smoke, the Pinnacle has 5 built in heat settings. These temperature settings insure vapor without combustion. When the white light is on that means it is set to the lower heat setting. Once heated up to 375°F, the button simply just needs to be clicked again to have the next level heat setting to occur. An orange light will come on indicating the high heat setting has been achieved. When a blue light starts flashing it’s time to recharge. The rechargeable lithium ion battery gets around 45 minutes of operation time. When purchased the Pinnacle Vaporizer comes fully equipped with the Pinnacle Vaporizer, wall charger, filling canister, a favor tip mouthpiece, cleaning tool, and a direction manual.