Puffco Plus Vaporizer

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DESCRIPTION Presenting the Puffco Plus, their first coil-less vaporizer. It's the first ever vape pen with absolutely no metal in the all ceramic chamber. Designed to maintain oil integrity and increase retention, The Plus delivers the same flavor you're used to on your Hive Ceramics nail. A difference you can taste and see. Efficiency is everything. Consume every drop you put in your chamber. Clean every last bit with just a cotton swab. Never let your oil touch an unknown metal. What makes the (patent-pending) Puffco Plus chamber different from other "coil-less" devices? It has absolutely no wires inside of the bowl. This not only maintains the integrity of the oil, it gives flavor previously unachievable in any portable vaporizer. It also means cleaning is as simple as a swipe with a cotton swab.