Pulsar Ninja Vaporizer

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Product Features: Easy to Use Small & Compact Design Compatible with Waxy Oils New Atomizer Technology One-Touch Activation   The Pulsar Ninja Vaporizer is the newest oil vaporizer from Pulsar and offers the user a truly unique vaporizing experience. Like its equally innovative sibling, the Pulsar 7 Dry Herb Vaporizer, the Pulsar Ninja Vaporizer adds an additional set of advanced features not offered with other portable and pen-style vaporizers on the market. While retaining the user friendly one-button-operation, the Pulsar Ninja utilizes an advanced atomizer that makes it easier than ever to load your favorite waxy oils. No more messing around with those frustrating oil cartridges. The Pulsar Ninja atomizer is simple to use and much more effective than the cartridge or wick systems found in other pen-style oil vaporizers. Getting up and running is even easier with the Pulsar Ninja. Simply load your favorite waxy oils or concentrates into the atomizer and your ready to start vaporizing within seconds. Forget about those messy oil cartridges. The new atomizer found in the Ninja Vaporizer makes the vaporizing process more enjoyable and much cleaner. With a one-touch activation system, this unit is very simple to operate and can be used almost anywhere without bringing attention to yourself. This new version features an upgraded atomizer that utilizes a bigger chamber for packing more material with less mess.   Accessories (Included): 1 x Atomizer (New Version) 1 x USB Charger (New Version) 1 x Mouthpiece 1 x Instructions