QuickDraw Cowboy Vaporizer

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QuickDraw Cowboy The QuickDraw Cowboy is a visionary new product that makes vaping more fun, comfortable and sleeker than ever before. The patented sidesaddle connector allows the entire unit to fit inside a unique holster-style carrying case made of real, hand-stitched leather. The QuickDraw Cowboy looks great, functions flawlessly, and travels in style. Pre-fill for up to 400 draws.   How it Works Fully charge the QuickDraw Cowboy's Lithium-ion battery, and begin loading your liquids. To begin, remove the cartridge from the battery. Fill cartridge ¾ to the top and close. Press power button firmly while drawing.   Maintenance For best functionality, be sure to clean and maintain your QuickDraw Cowboy vaporizer regularly. Cleaning the screw threads with a clear alcohol solution ensures consistent electric conduction to the device. Allow Cowboy to dry thoroughly before use. When the battery is depleted, charge fully before using again to maximize battery life.   What's in the Box Lithium-ion Battery Cowboy Clearomizer- Mouthpiece- Heating Coil- Tank Carrying Holster Sidesaddle Connector Keychain Clip USB Charger User Manual   Features For Liquids 510 Threading