Replacement Vaporizer Screens - 10 Pack

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Replacement Vaporizer Screens Perfect for most whip style vaporizers, stainless steel screens keep your aromatic blends from being drawn through the whip or falling into your vaporizer's heating element. Screens can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol for easy cleaning, but will need to be replaced over time.   Screen Guide   (.583) Screen Da Buddha - Hands Free (new style wand) Silver Surfer - Hands Free (new style wand) Life Saber - Water Adapters & New Style Wand   5/8 inch (.625) Screen Da Buddha - Hands Free (old style wand) Da Buddha - Custom DBV Wands Hot Box Vapors - Hands Free Hot Box Vapors - Standard Silver Surfer - Hands Free (old-style wand) Silver Surfer - Spherical Silver Surfer - Standard Life Saber - Old Style Wand   3/4 inch (.75) Screen VaporBrothers - Standard VaporBox - Standard Vapor Tower - Standard   1 inch (1.0) Screen Easy Vape - Hands Free Easy Vape 5 Digital - Hands Free VaporBox - Hands Free VaporBrothers - Hands Free Vapor Tower - Hands Free   Features 10x Stainless Steel Screens Choose Correct Size For Your Vaporizer Check Screen Guide Below