Silver Surfer Vapor Tamer (Saturn)

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The Silver Surfer Vapor Tamer (Saturn Edition) is the perfect accessory for your Silver Surfer or any other whip-style vaporizer. This beautiful piece of glass is made from the finest quality borosilicate and features an artistic swirl pattern. As is the case with many whip-style vaporizes, sometimes the vapor can be too hot or irritating on the throat. The Vapor Tamer will cool down your vapor and help produce a more enjoyable vaporizing experience. Each one is filled with glycerine, which means you can keep it inside the freezer and pull it out at any time. Since it's made by 7th Floor, you can bet it's made from the finest quality materials and will last for years.   Note: The Vapor Tamer should not be subject to heats higher than 95F when cleaning.