Sky High Vaporizer

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Product Features: Includes Two Vaporizers Easy to Use One-Button Activation System Compatible with Wax Sleek Design   The Sky High Vaporizer is a pen-style vape that is fully compatible with all types of wax. It features a high quality battery that will last for many hours before needing to be re-charged. Simply load your favorite wax into the atomizer and your ready to start vaporizing within seconds. The one-button activation system makes it very simple to operate - just hold down the button and inhale. It's sleek design and compact size make it perfect for vaporizing on the go. This particular model includes two fully-functional vaporizers.   Accessories (Included): 2 x Batteries 2 x Atomizers 2 x Mouthpieces 5 x Mouthpiece Covers 1 x Dabber 1 x USB Charger