Smelly Proof Bags

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Smelly Proof Storage Bags keep odors where they belong, contained. These bags are designed to keep odors from escaping.   BLOCKING POWER Smelly Proof Bags are made from a medical grade FDA approved material that blocks such things as dust, moisture, vapor oil, grease and anything you put in them that emits an odor of any kind. The bags can also be cleaned and re-used while maintaining its odor stopping ability use after use.   BAG SPECIFICATIONS Smelly Proof Bags have heavy duty locking zippers. The bags are puncture tear and water resistant and you are able to reuse them providing significant savings and considerably raising the value of each bag. Smelly Proof Bags meet and exceed USDA specifications for storing food items. A special non-permeable film is used in the production of these bags making them unique, earning the Smelly Proof Seal of approval.