Space Case Scout Grinder Small

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Space Case Scout Grinder Small Manufactured in the U.S.A CNC machined Airtight, stash container   Space Case Grinders are one of the finest brands of herbal grinders available on the market. They are made out the highest quality aircraft aluminum block. CNC machined is the only way these herbal grinders are manufactured. This ensures the teeth are not glued in and will never fall out. The manufacturer covers a lifetime warranty for these grinders as they are made in the USA. The teeth on Space Case Grinders are razor sharp and diamond cut. They guarantee a quick grind every time with never any risk of metal shavings getting into the blend. Space Case Grinders offer a titanium line as well in addition to the ultra sturdy aluminum grinders. The titanium grinders are made from the aircraft grade aluminum, but they are anodized with a strong titanium coating. Space Case Grinders also offer a line of Scout Grinders which include the two piece grinder on top with a airtight storage container built in. This ensured the blend is always kept fresh.