Vape-or-Smoke Vaporizer

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Product Features: Stainless Steel Bowl Ash Catcher Trap Adjustable Butane Lighter FDA Approved Mouthpiece 2 Year Warranty (6 months for the lighter)   After years of development, engineering and multiple patents, the Vape-or-Smoke is an advanced portable vaporizer or smoking device. It is weather proof and can during your favorite activities. There is an ash-catcher which traps tars, resins and other harmful materials to provide a smooth and clean experience.The Vape-or-Smoke unit is quickly adjusted for either mode. You can also use it to smoothly transition from smoking your favorite aromatherapy blend to vaporizing it. The Vape-or-Smoke employs the highest quality materials. Made using space-age plastics, the Vape-or-Smoke features a mouthpiece made from an FDA approved food-safe nylon and quality Piezo-electric butane lighter. The Vape-or-Smoke is made in the USA and goes through a rigorous multi-stage testing process to ensure that all components are functioning properly and perform without fail.   Accessories (Included): 2 x Lighter 1 x Bowl 1 x Ash Catcher 1 x Mouthpiece 1 x Metal Poker 3 x Replacement Screens 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Warranty Card