Vapor Box Desktop Vaporizer

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Product Features: Newest Model - Next Gen Version Improved Temperature Control System High-Quality Ceramic Heating Element Hands Free Operation Advanced Whip Technology 3 Year Warranty   The Vapor Box Vaporizer (Version 2) is the heaviest-duty Ceramic Box-style Vaporizer on the market today. This Hands Free model has fitted replaceable sanded glass on both ends of the heater and the whip to allow the glass wand to stay in contact with the heater without the user having to hold it there. It differs from the Standard model which requires the user to hold the glass wand to the heater while taking a draw. It features a new ceramic heating element with a center hole through it, which provides for more efficient hot air output than other heating elements. This also means less waiting, as the unit is hot and ready to deliver any size hit within a couple minutes. The "Set It Once" technology allows you to find your desired temp setting with the adjustable dial, then just set it and forget it.   Accessories (Included): 1 x Hands Free (GG) Glass Wand 1 x Glass Mouthpiece 1 x Vaporizer Tubing (3 ft) 1 x Stir Stick 1 x Replacement Screens