Vapor Brothers Screens (VW)

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This 10 pack of .75" diameter stainless steel screens fit any Vapor Brothers Regular/Standard or Hands-Free Whip.  Vaporbrothers burns-in all of their stainless steel screens causing the screens to have a darker, multi-colored look.   Please Note: These stainless steel screens are for the Vapor Brothers "regular/standard" and "hands free" Vaporizer Whips. Does not fit the Vapor Brothers EZ Change Whip Kit or Mini-Thin Whips®.   Replacement Tip: Remove the plastic tubing and come at the screen from both sides with a couple of sticks. This will allow you to set the screen in the easiest manner possible.   Cleaning Tip: Try cleaning your screen and whip without removing the screen. Put rubbing alcohol in a zip lock bag, followed by a fair amount of table salt. Add just the glass part of the whip and shake the bag for a few minutes. Remove from the bag and rinse with warm water and your whip should be as good as new.