Vaporizer Accessory Kit

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Now that you've purchased a vaporizer, maintain your investment by ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your vaporizing experience. This accessory kit includes everything you need to start vaporizing like a pro. Our vaporizer kit includes our Vaporizer Pouch Pack for storing and transporting your vaporizer and the revolutionary Smoke Buddy Junior for eliminating unwanted smoke odors. In addition, you will receive a Tight Vacuum Sealed Storage Smell Proof Container and a High Quality 4 Piece Metal Grinder. Lastly, you will receive a high quality digital scale for weighing your herbs and a box of 24 Cleaning Sticks for maintaining your vaporizer. This kit offers over a 20 percent discount off the retail prices if each item is purchased separately. A must-purchase for the vaporizer connoisseur!    Accessories (Included): 1 x Vaporizer Bag 1 x Smoke Buddy Junior 1 x Tight Vac Container (.12L) 1 x Scale DZ1 1 x 4-Piece Metal Grinder 24 x Cleaning Sticks